Charity Flight Experience


Come Fly With Us

Enjoy a Charity Flight Experience from Fife airport, Glenrothes in G-OASK our side by side two seat light sport aircraft.

  • Flight vouchers may be purchased for own use or as a gift
  • Booking and payment in advance essential at…
  • Voucher valid 12 months from date of purchase
  • Limitations and weather dependency apply (see full T&C)
  • Proceeds in aid of Aero Space Scientific Educational Trust
  • By purchasing a voucher you are agreeing to our terms & conditions
  • Please read our Medical Conditions declaration and notes before purchasing.
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Terms & Condtions

Charity Flight Terms and Conditions….PLEASE READ FULLY AND CAREFULLY

Aero Space Kinross will take every care to ensure that your flight is both enjoyable and safe. The aircraft is flown and maintained in accordance with Light Aircraft Association Permit to Fly Regulations under terms delegated by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Aero Space Kinross pilots are volunteers. Charity Flight Experiences will commence in Spring 2019. Times to be offered will be subject to volunteer availability.

There are some legal and safety restrictions on persons taking air experience flights. Children must be 14 years of age or older.  Under 18s will require a parent’s or guardian’s written consent.

People much heavier than 16 stones or unusually tall or short people may not be able to fly in our aircraft.

There are also a few medical conditions which may make it unsafe to fly. If you are uncertain or want to discuss things first please contact us for further information.

I hereby understand, acknowledge, accept, declare and confirm that…

  1. The flight will be undertaken entirely at my own risk or at the risk of the person for whom I am buying this voucher.
  2. None of Aero Space Kinross, Aero Space Scientific Educational Trust or any pilot or other volunteer involved in my flight will bear any liability whatsoever in the unlikely event that I should suffer any injury or death resulting from any accident.
  3. I have no medical conditions (see over) which preclude safe flight in a light sport aircraft.
  4. It may be necessary to change the time of my flight at short notice due to aircraft serviceability, pilot availability and/or weather suitability at the booked time on the chosen day.
  5. The flight voucher is non-refundable and valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. In the event that I am unable to take the flight within the 12month validity period, Aero Space Kinross may at their sole discretion agree to extend the validity period subject to payment of an extension fee.
  6. Flight times are approximate.
  7. I will allow at least 15 minutes either side of my booked flight time for briefings, preparation and taxying to/from the airport apron.
  8. Whilst on the active side of the airfield I will comply with all instructions and directions from the Aero Space Kinross pilot, assistants and/or Fife airport staff.
  9. Whilst in the aircraft I will comply with all instructions from the pilot.
  10. Aero Space Kinross will deduct operating costs from my payment and transfer the balance to the charity – Aero Space Scientific Educational Trust.

Medical conditions declaration and notes

I declare that:

  • To the best of my knowledge and belief I, or the person I am buying this voucher for, have never suffered from any of the following conditions which may create or lead to a dangerous situation in flight: Epilepsy fits, severe head injury, recurring fainting, giddiness or blackouts, unusually high blood pressure, coronary heart disease.
  • In the event of me or the person I am buying this voucher for contracting or suspecting any of the above conditions or any other physical or mental condition which might result in me or them being a danger to myself or others whilst flying in the aircraft, I/they will not fly until I have obtained medical opinion and authority to fly.


The following conditions may cause difficulty while flying:

  • chronic bronchitis
  • severe asthma
  • rheumatic fever
  • chronic sinus or ear disease
  • diabetes
  • kidney stones
  • severe travel or motion sickness
  • severe migraine
  • any psychiatric condition

If you suffer or have suffered any of the above conditions, you are advised to take medical opinion before flying.

The following conditions will probably make you temporarily unfit to fly:

  • minor illnesses including head colds
  • medication
  • donation of blood