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Our Mission

To boldly take you where no one has ever taken you before…

AERO SPACE Kinross (ASK) will be a uniquely themed Aviation, Astronomy and Space Flight Science Centre based in the heart of Scotland and will form an Aviation Centre of Excellence.

ASK will create an interactive, fun, educational and inspirational experience that will touch individuals from every generation and will attract people from all over the UK and beyond, to this must see visitor destination.

From the story of mans mastery and physics of flight to astronomy and all aspects of space exploration, the centre will open hearts and engage minds through awesome flight motion simulation, outstanding exhibits, a fully immersive 3D planetarium, expert presentations on the world of flight, meteorology and space exploration, aviation showcases and much more!

Aviation leisure sport enthusiasts will come to learn about what is currently going on in the local area and further afield (including epic flights) and be inspired to go out and experience the various forms of airsports at the local “clubs”.

Located on the M90 Kinross, one hours drive from half of Scotland’s population, this centre for excellence will be accessible to all and offers every child, family and enthusiast an unrivalled personal development opportunity, one that provides hope and inspiration for generations to come.

*Please note the top image is courtesy of the National Space Centre, Leicester

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