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23rd June 2017

Dear Friends,
OUR BIG ASK - £2,390 to find in only 7 days!

Thanks to over 60 investors, we’re nearly there. With just one week left till the closing date of the Aero Space Kinross Share Offer – OUR BIG ASK, we’re at 95% of the minimum target. So we’re looking for stars to help us over the line.

We are a community of over 600 registered friends now. If each of us bought a single star for only £10 – we’d smash through the finishing line.

What about it?

You can add a star to our galaxy here: It’s so easy. Let’s do it and together make such a difference!

All the best to all our friends.

Alisdair Stewart
Chairman Aero Space Scientific Educational Trust



11th June 2017

We're reaching for the stars with the latest addition to OUR BIG ASK.

This offer is for those folk who want to donate a smaller sum than the amount required for a shareholding. We hope that lots of people will give a little to get a lot. Make a donation to buy a star for the entrance foyer of the ASK venue if/when it opens and get free admission(s) as follows..

- £10 - 1 free admission
- £25 - 3 free admissions
- £50 - 6 free admissions
- £75 - 9 free admissions
- £100 - 12 free admissions and name on a star

NB All those who have already invested (or who now invest) in the share offer will automatically qualify for a named star and don't need to make any Star Offer pledge to enjoy this grateful recognition.

The Star Offer can be used as a gift for someone. Do you know a star? Then put their name on one!


Aero Space Kinross at the Farmers Market


SHARE OFFER - launched Monday 8th May at 8.00am – off to a flying start!
15th May 2017

Prof Andrew Rae of The University of the Highlands and Islands confirmed that “All systems were go” for Aero Space Kinross as Carol Vorderman started the “countdown” for its first Community Share Offer.

Excitement had been building in Kinross in recent weeks, as plans to build a fantastic, innovative aviation, astronomy and space flight family visitor centre Aero Space Kinross (ASK) got under way. The ASK community share offer “countdown” started on Twitter and Facebook on Friday 28 April with TV presenter Carol Vorderman lending her celebrity support with her video “countdown” message. A daily VLOG included Lucinda Russell Grand National Winning trainer and One for Arthur who were featured on the eve of the launch.

Launched with a minimum target of £25,000 (and an optimum target of £150,000), the share offer provides the community of Kinross-Shire and beyond the opportunity to invest in the development of Aero Space Kinross (ASK). The offer got off to a flying start and by the end of the first week, had attracted pledges worth £28,500.

The brainchild of Alisdair Stewart, Chairman of Aero Space Scientific Educational Trust (ASSET), he commented: “ASSET is a Community Benefit Society; community led, controlled and operated for the benefit of Kinross-shire and the community it serves. ASK is a tremendous opportunity for the residents of Kinross-shire and beyond that will bring huge economic, educational and tourism benefits to the area, as well as providing locals, Scots and visitors alike with a unique flight-themed science and space centre.”

Alisdair added: “A key element of our first share offer is our “build-a-plane” project for Kinross High School students who will have a chance to help build a real plane from a kit which will make a clear link between the project and STEM education from the outset. Aero Space Kinross will be an inspiration for future generations to get into STEM related education and careers that will act as a feeder for both the aerospace industry and educational/training establishments in the Perth and Kinross-shire area. ASK will also be a knowledge hub, an exciting visitor attraction and an event venue to be enjoyed by the local community and all visitors.”

The Community Share Offer is being developed with support and guidance from Community Shares Scotland. Sandra Macaskill, programme officer for Community Shares Scotland said: “We are delighted to be involved in this exciting and innovative space flight and aviation project in Kinross. It will be an incredible opportunity for local communities to have a family orientated and fun education based learning centre in the heart of Kinross. It is a project with far-reaching benefits - inspiring many young people about space and flight technologies, creating new jobs, putting Kinross on the aerospace map and bringing increased tourism traffic in due course to the wider area”.

Key features of the centre will include:

- Science and story of flight, astronomy and space exploration
- Planetarium (fully immersive, dynamic 3D content)A/V experiences and VR flight motion simulation
- Airsports showcase
- Lecture Theatre – expert talks, seminars and workshops
- Retail space, online shop, restaurant/coffee shop
- Aviation charities showcase

The Community Share Offer opened 8 May 2017 and will run for 7 weeks, closing on 30 June 2017, or when the maximum target is reached. Investment features include Runway and Flying Class shares with a minimum investment per person of £100 for people living in Kinross-shire, or £200 for those living outside Kinross-shire.

The share offer will be run on a Crowdfunding platform. Those wishing to apply for shares should visit the crowdfunder site, check it out here:

For further information please contact…
- ASK project and community share offer: Alisdair Stewart:
- Press information: Fiona Stewart:
- Community Shares Scotland: Sandra Macaskill:



22nd September 2016

School pupils in Kinross enjoyed a thrilling flight-themed STEM day on Thursday organised by AERO SPACE Kinross (ASK). The event for Kinross High School pupils and its seven feeder primary schools was sponsored by the Institute of Physics and supported by a raft of participants including St Andrews University, Glasgow Science Centre, Perth College, RAF, Vector Aerospace, British Gliding Association and The Scottish Gliding Centre.

Held at Loch Leven Community Campus with the full support of Kinross High School and its seven feeder primary schools, the event focused on the educational aspects of flight and astronomy, as well as providing children with a fun-filled day full of fascinating activities.

From intriguing astronomy talks, to an inflatable planetarium, fast-paced wind tunnel experiments, a rocket challenge, teamwork sessions and a spectacular virtual glider simulator; the event provided children with an inspirational insight into the opportunities for learning and development within a flight-themed environment.

Sarah Brown, Headteacher, Kinross High School commented, “I am very grateful to AERO SPACE Kinross for providing a unique opportunity for our pupils to develop their skills for life, work and learning by working with STEM professionals as part of this event. Our pupils have enjoyed the day and have taken part in a wide range of practical and educational activities, based around the theme of flight.”

AERO SPACE Kinross will be an iconic new family orientated aviation, astronomy and space flight centre in the heart of Scotland. It’ll serve as an educational knowledge hub, visitor attraction and event venue, and ASK are currently seeking support in the creation of this uniquely themed centre.

Alisdair Stewart from ASK commented: “The STEM event was a foretaste of what we believe ASK can deliver for future generations. Our vision is receiving enthusiastic support from all quarters but we do not underestimate the challenge we face in achieving our goal of a permanent venue. Evidence of local support will be a vital component of our approach to funders and today's activities are an important step in that direction.

While we work towards our longer-term plans, we will endeavour to find ways to deliver for the current generation. To that end I am delighted to announce the launch of a joint initiative between ASK and Kinross High School for pupils to build and subsequently fly an aeroplane."



12th February 2016

Better Place to Live Fair 2016- Aero Space KinrossThank you to all of you who came to meet us at the 'Better Place to Live Fair' at the campus today, we had a great turn out and we loved meeting you and answering your questions.

Here is a photo of us with our 250th Friend Zoe Garvie and family winning a goodie bag (including real astronaut food) and a Calendar!

You can follow us on our Facebook page for further information on news, events and interesting facts.

12th February 2016

Dear Sirs
Kinross High School supports and believes that Aero Space Kinross is an important and valuable resource within walking distance for use by the school community.

School education through Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland continues to evolve and improve, offering a more flexible approach to learning. At the early and primary stages children are developing a wide range of skills. In the senior phase new National Qualifications have been introduced to raise attainment for all. Alongside this, the schools’ role in Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce (DSYW) is about ensuring a wide range of work-related learning from the early years onwards. Aero Space Kinross would create an educational hub to be utilised by our pupils and the feeder primaries, as well as providing work experience, volunteering and job opportunities for Kinross High School pupils.

A genuine, long-term partnership approach between schools, colleges, universities, employers, parents and young people themselves is central to the success of DSYW. This unique partnership would inspire young people to develop skills for employment by delivering improvements to teaching and learning and bringing real-life contexts into the classroom, particularly in relation to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The excitement of space gives an excellent context for STEM education, and we are keen to endorse the benefits of space – for education, for society, for growth.

Pupils studying Computing would benefit from the opportunity to work with Aero Space Kinross in designing and developing information systems for a range of visitor attractions - from flight motion simulations to interactive games or our Advanced Higher pupils may be given the opportunity to work with university students to develop a fully immersive 3D planetarium. This planetarium could then be used as a stunning learning experience to educate pupils studying Physics about the solar system or space exploration. Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics workshops, science shows and hands on exhibits across a range of subjects could be provided in the lecture theatre throughout the academic year to engage all year groups. Business Education pupils would experience all aspects of running a successful social enterprise venture from marketing campaigns to human resources.

We also believe that its proposed use as a community space, ‘Heritage Hub’ and a centre for education is a worthwhile project, which would provide an excellent national focus for Kinross’ history. Flight Sergeant George Thompson VC was a Scottish recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces. He was educated at Portmoak Primary School and Kinross High School. He was 24 years old in No. 9 Squadron when the deed took place for which he was awarded the VC. We commemorate his memory and our pride is reflected by awarding the George Thompson Memorial Trophy to the Dux of the school.

We really hope that your future grant application will be successful and we are excited at the prospect of working together to facilitate learning. We are privileged to be consulted to help develop programmes and resources to benefit Scotland’s pupils for many years to come.

Yours sincerely
Mrs S Brown


30th October 2015

Through the auspices of Interface, a Scottish Governemnt backed conduit between industry and academia, the design of Aero Space Kinross is being advanced.

Fourteen final year BSC (Hons) Architectural Technonolgy students at the University of the Highlands and Islands have been assigned the task of designing a venue for Aero Space Kinross. Their work on this live project will span the entire academic year and will 100% determine their fnal qualification in Advanced Architectural Practice. The students (who are based at Inverness College) were given an initial briefing at the Scottish Gliding Centre in September and have enthusiastically embraced and researched the concept. Their first design ideas will be presented to the board of trustees by the end of the year. Following feedback, the students will subsequently refine the design into a formal planning submission.

Meanwhile, at Heriot Watt University, 18 students undertaking their 3rd year of study towards a BA (Hons) in Interior Design are working up ideas about how the inside of the venue might be "imagineered". This 8 week project requires the Heriot Watt students to initially conduct a large scale spatial planning exercise and then select a single "experience" element on which to focus their detailed design studies.

Both of these initiatives will produce eye catching visuals which will be of great assistance to our fundraising.

For more information and to be kept up to date on progress, please register your interest.