ASSET has been initiated by local and Scotland-wide aviation enthusiasts to benefit young people, families, research, the Scottish aero space industry, Scottish tourism, and the local community.

We are ready to enter into long term relationships with far sighted individuals, public benefactors, corporations, charitable trusts and foundations who can support us in our key aim of educating and inspiring young folk from all backgrounds and at all levels of academic ability and achievement.

Support for ASK is an investment in an important part of Scotland’s past, present and future...

The Way forward

Aero Space Scientific Educational Trust (ASSET) is a not for profit "social enterprise" holding company with charitable status. Charitable status enables Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR), Gift Aid and Rates Relief and appropriately position ASK to qualify for educational etc grant funding support.

ASSET seeks farsighted individuals, trusts, corporations and public benefactors to help us launch this new social enterprise.

ASSET will collaborate with science centres, museums, aviation organisations, including light sport aviation, space agencies, public bodies, NGOs and corporates engaged in providing services to these sectors.

Academic institutions have already found ASK a rich and interesting new resource that will help them and their students achieve their teaching and learning goals in a new and innovative way.

ASSET is seeking long term relationships with individuals, charitable trusts and foundations to support us in our key aim of educating and inspiring young people from all backgrounds and levels of academic ability in this
globally expanding field of exploration and discovery.

ASK offers sponsors a fresh opportunity to reach out and transform our engagement with our young people now and for future generations to come.