The financial model has been built by Ross McConnell CA drawing on Alisdair Stewart's financial expertise and management accounting information gathered from an array of comparative visitor attractions. The model was then subjected to independent validation by EQ Chartered Accountants who reported as follows...

"The financial model as presented gives a good initial summary for the proposed project. From our review there is nothing within it which should cast doubt on its integrity in any material way".

The full projections are available upon request. Here is a summary...

Visitors   50,000 55,000 60,000
Sales (£000)   1044 1139 1245
Costs (£000) 250 732 770 812
EBIDT* (£000) (250) 312 369 433

*excl lease

Visitors will be incentivised to become members and "friends" of ASK and to opt in to electronic mailing of flying and space scientific news, evolving features, exhibitions, lectures (incl live links to the likes of the ISS), benefits. special status invitations (eg "Meet the Astronaut"), competitions and merchandise offers. As a result of this continuous marketing through direct channels such as social media, revenues will be driven to steadily increase.

Asset acquisitions

The building could be financed by grants and donations from major trusts, and/or by a long term commercial property mortgage. Ownership of the building is not however essential and an alternative is for ASSET to enter into a JV or lease arrangement with an independent developer. The interior F&F, exhibits, interactive learning aids, simulators, A/V, etc will be acquired and funded from a mix of donations, educational and other grants, sponsorship, "friends" memberships and loans.