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Welcome to AERO SPACE Kinross

Human curiosity and exploration is what continues to drive us forward on a journey to discover the unknown. It is part of our DNA to want to break boundaries and push beyond our scientific and technical limits.

Our interest in what’s ‘out there’ is universal and enduring, so we should never underestimate the strength of the human spirit to want to keep going even further. At AERO SPACE Kinross we want you to experience the thrill of going even further! We want to take you on a journey of discovery that goes beyond your dreams and connects you to other worlds and technologies that are simply beyond our everyday reach. We want you to explore the wonders of flight and embark upon an epic journey to OUTER SPACE.

Help us create an aviation and space flight related visitor attraction in the heart of Scotland – Aero Space Kinross.

For further information on Aero Space Kinross, or to book tickets for future events please email: info@aerospacekinross.com